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Quality assurance

We offer software testing and quality assurance assistance at all stages of the development process:

  • Functional testing: Testing of the software functionality. If needed, we code all needed automated tests in addition to manual tests.
  • Requirements testing: Our specialists work with you to be sure requirements are feasible, measurable and cover whole scope of the work.
  • Security and access control testing. Inculding Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) .
  • Volume, performance and load testing: As result you get description of bottle necks, hardware requirements for certain number of user. In addition, it defines possible scaling or data volume issues.
  • Configuration Testing: Here we check how software works on OSs, browsers, mobile devices. We can use both emulators or real devices. Also, we are ok with testing software on custom real devices or prototypes of the devices. So, it's not only about most used in the World OS or devices (Android/iOS).
  • Usability Testing: In this case we add to the project UI-UX designers. If needed, may be added group of non-professional beta-testers to find possible questions or options how to make getting new users on board process easier.

Work and pay with Upwork

Module software have a high rate account in Upwork network, with more than 45 already done projects and positive feedbacks from our clients all around the world.


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If you have any questions, contact us. We'll arrange video call in any comfortable for you time or will send needed additional information.